“A Spring Without…”

Clouded, Rainy Sky

Blissful, pollen-less spring days

Yet, floral bloom waits.

- Michael Morales

“Ghost of Fire”

Smoke as thick as fog

Gray sun, silhouette

figures It lingers and spreads…

- Michael Morales

the answer to thirst

taken by the burning star

and met with desert.

- Ahsan Chrishty

green consumed by red

the brown pillars now ruins

orange winds blow fast.

- Ahsan Chrishty

I feel the silent

Suffocating smoke settle

Into my gray soul.

- Aubrey Laughlin

Child of the river

Where I played a cheerless sign

Toxic: No swimming.

- Aubrey Laughlin


Once a house, now burnt

Wildfire rolled through dry country

Memories in ashes.

- Terry Phimister


Storm water pounds through

Town becomes a lake with boats

Status quo dissolves.

- Terry Phimister


Clouds dribble cold drops

of rain—finally, Earth’s dry

greedy mouth swallows.

- Rachel Crawford

Hold the lighter at

An angle when you light the

Incense sticks tonight.

- Brandon Luu


scorching all that it touches

only ash remains.

- Bryant Sha


sinister smolder

needles pine for damper days

scorched earth wood floor crisp.

- C.J Prusi


moist wet whisper well

fleeting drip drop secondhand

clean water cool world.

- C.J Prusi

Small plastic bottles

On dessert sands after war

The battle goes on.

- AJ MacKillop

Ash flecks on my lips

From far off fires right next door

Dark grey sky of sun.

- AJ Mackillop

I don't know what warm-

Ing is about.

All I know Is that I'm freezing.

- Sarah Rahman

Bodies of water

Held by bones of soil and stone

Enlivened by light.

- Jenny Walieck

“Novelty Item”

You gave me cool

and clear ice water in a glass

with holes in its side.

- Noelle Brada - Williams

“Raindrop Drip Drop”

Drip drop to the top

Until they will see... drip drop

Drip Drop I won’t stop.

- Cindy Le Nhu

“My fire”

Please stop using me,

Those California trees,

Please!!...help control me.

- Cindy Le Nhu

We do not take lead

We must be led,

by wisdom By the sea.

- Marty De La Fuente

The creek near my home

Is shallower than it was

When I was younger.

- Brandon Luu